Radix Nutrition Instant Vegetable Mix Basil Pesto
Radix Nutrition Instant Vegetable Mix Basil Pesto
Radix Nutrition Instant Vegetable Mix Basil Pesto

Radix Nutrition Instant Vegetable Mix Basil Pesto

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Superfood Instant Vegetables are perfect for adding to your delicious lunch and dinner ideas. They provide an excellent source of carbohydrates and nutrients to keep you fuelled for longer. They’re great for when you’re short on time or away from the kitchen. Just add hot water, stir, wait 5 minutes, and then you’re good to go. Instant vegetables contain up to 20+ superfood ingredients to help top up your nutrient intake. They’re gluten free and fodmap friendly.


  • 4 servings per pack
  • 50 calories per serving
  • 30+ vitamins and minerals
  • 20+ superfood ingredients
  • Ready in 5 minutes
  • Gluten free
  • Fodmap Friendly
  • 56g dried weight

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About radix nutrition

Lightweight, compact, and easily prepared.

Radix meals are ideal for tackling even the harshest of environments, making them a great choice for adventures, expeditions, and outdoor sports.

Human metabolism underpins all that humanity has achieved. Radix Nutrition is a leader in enhancing metabolism though its product at the intersection of convenience and health.

Metabolism is fundamental in supporting cognitive and physical performance. Recognition of the role nutrition plays in metabolic health has long been understood but never as well as it is today. Applied nutrition science is driving human health into the future. Radix Nutrition products are at the front of this revolution.

Utilising our advanced manufacturing techniques and freeze-drying technology, we’re able to lock in the nutritional quality of fresh ingredients, preserving their benefit for the body.

Each meal contains over 30 different plant-based ingredients and superfoods.

Radix can help you achieve variation in your diet that simply isn’t possible in the kitchen, or with any other product.

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