Lightweight Gear Advice

At Backpacking Light Australia we specialise in ultralight hiking and travel equipment. The lightweight materials used in ultralight gear requires due care and maintenance.

Lightweight gear does not have the same abrasion resistance and durability as heavier alternatives and will not stand up to the same use and/or abuse - the lighter a piece of gear, the less weight it can handle (for example, the recommended load limits for packs).

As the user, it is up to you to determine if a piece of lightweight gear will serve your intended purpose with awareness of the compromises regarding weight-bearing capacity and durability.

Backpacking Light is not responsible for the misuse of lightweight gear. The purchaser confirms an understanding of the limitations of lightweight gear & makes the decision on whether it is fit for purpose at their own discretion.

If you’re unsure if an item is going to be fit for your purpose, write to us using the contact form and we can help advise on the best gear for you.