Is Your Rain Jacket Waterproof?

Is Your Rain Jacket Waterproof?

The upkeep of your rain jacket is a key element to staying watertight. Jackets after time need to be cleaned and re-waterproofed. There are some visual clues to when it's time to give your raincoat some TLC!

When your rain jacket is in perfect working condition water droplets will bead and roll off, after some time instead of beading the water begins to soak into the fabric causing darker patches, this is called ‘wetting out’. When this starts to happen it's time to give your raincoat some love and care. 

First step is to clean your and remove body oils, sweat and old dirt, a tech wash is recommended for cleaning and to help the waterproofing agents adhere to the fabric.

If you've accidentally washed your jacket with normal washing liquid, don't panic! Using a tech wash while also cleaning your jacket can strip away the detergent and give you a clean base to start your waterproofing from.

Once you’ve cleaned your coat, it's time to get waterproofing. Most waterproofing agents come in either a wash in or spray on options, we find wash in are the easiest for raincoats. All products come with their own washing temperatures, instructions and drying options. 

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How long will it last?
While the reapplication of waterproofing doesn't last as long as the factory treatments, it still maintains its waterproofness for a good amount of wears. We recommend checking your gear before your next adventure to see if it needs to be reapplied. High impact areas that experience more wear like shoulders and armpits as these are exposed to the most abrasion, therefore lose their waterproof coating quicker.