Jetboil JetSet Utensil Kit
Jetboil JetSet Utensil Kit
Jetboil JetSet Utensil Kit
Jetboil JetSet Utensil Kit
Jetboil JetSet Utensil Kit
Jetboil JetSet Utensil Kit

Jetboil JetSet Utensil Kit

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Enjoy the comforts of your dining table without hauling heavy silverware along with the Jetset utensil set. Jetboil's high-temperature nylon designs can withstand the heat, making them perfect for cooking and stirring food on your Jetboil cook stove. Reach every last bit of food at the bottom of your cup with the telescoping handles. Save pack space with the collapsible design, which stores compactly in or on Jetboil cooking vessels. The set includes a spoon, fork, and spatula. Measures 5.2 inches when packed and weighs 1.3 ounces.


  • Telescope handles store compactly in/on Jetboil cook pots
  • Kit includes spoon, fork and spatula
  • Spoon: 8.5" / 216 mm x 1.5" / 38 mm (5.2” / 130 mm x .1.5" / 38 mm packed)
  • Fork: 8.5" / 216 mm x .75" / 19 mm (5.2” / 130 mm x .75" / 19 mm packed)
  • Spatula: 8.5" / 216 mm x 2.5" / 64 mm (5.2” / 130 mm x 2.5" / 64 mm packed)
Color Orange
Weight 1.3 oz | 36 g
Dimensions 2.5 in x 0.25 in | 6.4 cm x 0.64 cm
Compatible With (Series) Stash, Flash, Genesis, HalfGen, Joule, Luna, MicroMo, MightyMo, MiniMo, SUMO, Zip

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About jetboil

In 2001, Dwight Aspinwall and Perry Dowst revolutionized backcountry cooking by creating a fast, compact and efficient stove unlike anything the world had ever seen—the first-ever Jetboil. And Jetboil's engineers have been following in their footsteps ever since, relentlessly pushing the limits of what’s possible by inventing technologies that continue to redefine the industry.

In 2004, Jetboil revolutionized backcountry cooking by creating the original all-in-one stove system. Today they continue to innovate with a range of intuitive, reliable and lightning-quick stove system options. Whether you’re boiling water for coffee or cooking up dinner for the crew, they’ll satisfy cravings and never leave you hanging. So pack your bags. Chase incredible views. Jetboil's got dinner.

For the past 20 years, Jetboil were so busy in their pursuit of efficiency that they may have lost sight of the most important thing: mealtime. Because the truth is, Jetboil's purpose isn’t hidden between the tech and specs, the buzzwords or the awards. Not even close.

Jetboil's purpose is to help you cook amazing meals, in places that make you happy, with friends that make you even happier. It’s as simple as that. So they’ll keeping doing what they do and making what they make, with your mealtime always in sight.

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