How To Keep Cool This Summer

How To Keep Cool This Summer

Every season comes with its own challenges and summer is no exception, especially in the Australian climate which can often be scarce of shade and water. However, there are a range of little things that can really make a big difference when it comes to dealing with the blistering heat - without any big compromise on your weight or space. Here are our team's top picks to help you stay cool this summer. 

Umbrella + Hands Free System

Umbrellas aren’t just for cold & rainy weather: they can be important pieces of kit to help keep you cool too. Think about it, it’s like having your own piece of shade while you walk! A good umbrella can lower the temperature by up to 15 degrees. Just make sure your umbrella has a good SPF rating. Our staff favourite is the Gossamer Gear Lightrek Umbrella, in addition we also have various lightweight umbrella options available. 

But how can you carry an umbrella while you’re hiking you might ask? Well, there’s a solution for that too! Products like the Handsfree Umbrella Clamp allow you to attach your umbrella to the strap of your bag, meaning you can have both hands available while you walk. 


A hat seems like an obvious suggestion for hiking in the summer months. However, there are a few things to think about. A brimmed hat is a great way to ensure you have protection on not only your face, but your neck and ears as well. Some hats enhance this further by adding additional neck protection too. Mesh or ventilation areas on hats is another great way to help keep your body temperature down. The most important thing is making sure you find a hat that is comfortable for you to wear all day, and a style that sits well when you have your backpack on. We have a range of different hat styles available at BPL to suit everyone's needs. 

Sleeping liners

The right sleeping liner can be a great way to make your sleep system more versatile for the warmer months. Having a good liner can wick moisture away from your body (keeping you dry) and regulate your body temperature to enhance sleep comfort. Products like the Sea to Summit ‘CoolMax’ range are a great way to keep you more comfortable in warm, and humid weather. Thermal liners can also be a great lightweight alternative, when the climate is too hot for your standard sleeping bag. 


Fast Fly Set Up

A great feature of a lot of the Big Agnes tents we have on offer is the ability to be used in ‘Fast Fly’ set-up when paired with the matching Big Agnes fitted footprint. ‘Fast Fly’ essentially allows you to set up your tent with only the outer fly and the footprint (no inner needed). This set-up has a range of applications - fast shelter from the sun, a quick spot to take a mid-day nap or have lunch, or to increase tent ventilation overnight when the weather is warm.


Is there anything better on a hot day than dipping a buff or hat into some cold water and then popping it on and letting it work its magic? Neck Gaiters are the perfect option for keeping the sun off but also assisting you in lowering your overall body temperature by cooling the blood flow to your head. 

Trail shoes/socks

There are more shoe options than ever before now when it comes to hiking. Now, many people are opting for trail shoes over more traditional leather hiking boots because of enhanced breathability and lightness. Especially in warmer environments, this can make a world of difference to your experience.

Just as important as your shoes is selecting the right socks to pair them with. Choosing the right socks will ensure comfort, as well as making sure your feet don’t get too stuffy. Having a lighter cushion (such as the Smartwool Hike Light Cushion range, or the Targeted Cushion range) in warmer weather is usually better. Picking a sock with a high wool content will help wick moisture away from your foot.

Sun Shirts/Darts

Choosing the right item of clothing to wear can make a big difference to your temperature management. Having a good, lightweight layer that offers physical sun protection is recommended. Good wicking properties will also make a big difference to keeping your core temperature down. The Montane Dart range is a great example of a base layer that balances warmth, wicking and breathability, and offers odour control for multi-day freshness on the trail. A lightweight collared shirt is also a great means of providing UV protection while ensuring airflow & breathability. 


Carrying the right amount of water for any trip is paramount. Plan out how accessible water will be on your trip so you can make sure you’re prepared. In higher temperatures, be aware that your water consumption is likely to be higher than usual. Lightweight water bladders (such as the Platypus Soft Bottle or Evernew Carry Bottle) are a great way to maximise your water carrying capacity without compromising on space or weight. 

Don’t let the heat deter you from adventures in the great outdoors.  Know your limits, do your research before you leave home and make sure you have the right gear to protect and keep you cool this summer. Got a question? Our knowledgeable team is here to help via .