DD Hammocks Superlight Bikepacker Tarp
DD Hammocks Superlight Bikepacker Tarp
DD Hammocks Superlight Bikepacker Tarp
DD Hammocks Superlight Bikepacker Tarp
DD Hammocks Superlight Bikepacker Tarp

DD Hammocks Superlight Bikepacker Tarp

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The DD SuperLight - Bikepacker Tarp is designed to give you freedom to pitch up anywhere on the trail, from a quiet roadside spot to an epic journey through the hills. Setting up in mere minutes using your bike as an aid, this tarp will provide shelter and a comfortable place to lie down for the night (or for a lunch stop!) before the journey continues. A sturdy bike anchor strap pegged over the handlebars keeps your bike upright, whilst the tarp is looped over your saddle and pegged out behind for a spacious & fully 1-person shelter in seconds.

Incredibly lightweight & Compact

We know that weight and pack size is a huge consideration when packing your bike, so this tarp is made from DD Hammocks SuperLight material - the same fully waterproof and ultralight material as our popular SuperLight Tarps and Tents. Including Pegs and anchor strap the whole things weight in at just over half a kilogram, and packs down incredibly small - leaving plenty of room for more in your seatpack, handlebar roll, or even your jersey pocket.

Versatile design - not just for bikes!

Despite the name, you don't need a bike to use this tarp. With its' innovative diamond-shaped design, plenty of peg loops, and a looped ridgeline this tarp can also be set up using ridgeline cord for an overhead shelter between trees, or even pegged into the ground and configured into a "plough-point" setup! A perfect option for a quick rain shelter, ground bivi camp, or keeping the wind off your stove during a lunchbreak.

When used with a bike, we recommend guying out the additional guy-line loop to an external point. The set-up works best when this point is level to or higher than the loop - for example to a tree branch, or by taking the guy-line over a rock / fallen branch to raise the foot end.


Size   3.7m x 2.3m
Weight 320g (excluding pegs & bike anchor strap)
Includes DD SuperLight Bikepacker Tarp, 8 x Pegs, 1 x Bike Anchor Strap, 2 x guy-line



  • Incredibly lightweight, weighing only 320g (tarp only - excluding pegs & bike anchor strap)
  • 13 attachment loops - including 3 along the ridgeline and a longer loop for attaching over your saddle
  • Included guy-line for pegging out the lowest attachment point on the ridge-line
  • Strong bike anchor strap included with multiple loops for securing your bike

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