Hyperlite Mountain Gear Fitting Guide

Your torso length, not your height, determines your pack size. HMG recommend the following to determine yours:

1. Tilt your head slightly forward to locate the bony bump at the base of your neck. (This is your 7th cervical (or C7) vertebra).

2. Using a flexible tape measure, have someone measure starting at that spot and running down along the curve of your spine.

3. Place your hands on your hips so you can feel your iliac crest, which serves as the “shelf” of your pelvic girdle. (It’s the first hard thing you feel when you run your fingers down from the sides of your ribcage.) Position your hands so your thumbs are reaching behind you.

4. Have your friend finish measuring at the point where the tape crosses an imaginary line drawn between your thumbs. This distance is your torso length.

    • Extra Small: (< 15.0” torso)
    • Small: (15.0” - 17.0” torso)
    • Medium: (17.0” - 19.0” torso)
    • Large: (19.0” - 21.0” torso)
    • Tall (21.0”+ torso)

    If your measurement falls right in between sizes (for example, if you have a 17.0” torso, so you are right on the line between a Small and a Medium), we suggest you choose the larger torso size.