Ultimate Ultralight Gear List

Ultimate Ultralight Gear List

Ultralight hiking is all about finding the sweet spot of safety, comfort and weight that suits you and the environment you’re in. Below are some of our favourite ultralight products for those looking to get their grams down as much as possible!

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You can also view the products from our Ultralight 3 Season Gear List or Ultralight 4 Season Gear List direct on our website. 

While our blog posts and guides are a great starting point, don't be a stranger. Talking to us (either in-store or via email) is the easiest way to find the best gear to help you go further, faster.

These gear lists are only a guide, and their applicability varies on a case by case basis depending on the hiker and the conditions. Buyers should do their own research regarding the suitability of the gear they are selecting, as ultimate responsibility is on the buyer to make informed decisions.