Otifleks Flier Flight Earplugs

Otifleks Flier Flight Earplugs

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During a flight pressure inside the passenger cabin fluctuates and if you are wearing earplugs the static pressure between your ear drum and earplug can cause pressure on your eardrum and can cause pain.

Otifleks Flier is designed with a pressure equalizing micro filter which slowly equalizes pressure on both sides of the earplug and prevents pain caused by pressure changes. Otifleks' Micro Filter is designed to offer maximum attenuation while still allowing pressure to equalize on both sides of the earplug. Flier's thermo-active material offers superior comfort by matching your body temperature within 4 minutes, conforming to the unique bends, turns, bumps and twists of each individual's ear.

Utilising the latest findings in ergonomic design and harnessing the power of thermo-reactive elastomer, the minimalist size of the Flier leads to maximized comfort, blocking sound whilst you sleep on your flight.

Otifleks was developed and manufactured only subsequent intensive consultations from leading physicians and medical professionals. They conform to Australian and European Union regulations.


  • Suitable for all stages of air travel (take off, flying & landing).

  • Unique micro-filter reacts to pressure changes to alleviate discomfort.

  • Thermo-active material- softens with body heat.

  • Designed to block noise (SNR 17).

  • Virtually imperceptible/low profile.

  • Designed for ease of insertion & removal.

  • Reusable earplugs that can last up to 2 years.

  • Washable with soap and water.

  • Packaging doubles as carry container.

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